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Sharon is the General Editor of the Australian Intellectual Property Law Bulletin and the Internet Law Bulletin published by LexisNexis, both of which are highly reputable and are read by lawyers, in house counsel academics and student and government bodies around Australia.

About the Australian Intellectual Property Law Bulletin

For some 20 years the Australian Intellectual Property Law Bulletin has assisted lawyers maintain currency with the legal developments and reforms relating to important areas such as copyright, patents, trade marks, designs, licensing, trade secrets, the laws of passing off and plant breeders rights and data protection.

The bulletin covers topics as broad as commercialisation, trade marks, brand management, IP and enforcement and litigation, all copyright, design and patent matters, restraint of trade, merchandising and sponsorship, biotechnology, valuation of IP and taxation.

At all times, the practical implications for industry and commerce are considered, with particular reference to publishing, broadcasting, software and electronic storage and transmission of information and reproduction in numerous contexts.

The newsletter is at the cutting edge of this complex and dynamic area of law. It is essential reading for all in the field as it gathers current news, opinions and court decisions and proposed legislative developments and condenses this information to provide subscribers with an up to date information source.

Available in hard copy or PDF format, the Australian Intellectual Property Law Bulletin is a must have reference for all legal practitioners and consultants involved in intellectual property law.

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Examples of topics recently covered by the Intellectual Property Law bulletin include:

  • Registering a moving trade mark
  • Federal court considers copyright in television guides
  • Recent developments in trade mark ownership
  • Clearance and competitor issues in advertising and marketing
  • Protecting certification marks
  • Inventorship and entitlement lessons from a recent case
  • Are we getting closer – how close is too close for pharmaceutical marks?
  • Creative taxation – tax law and intellectual property
  • Combating counterfeiting
  • Mines bigger than yours can you compare products in ads?
  • Book review – patent law and biological inventions
  • Government strengthens copyright regime in Australia
  • The High Court shifts inventive step
  • Use of sculptures in public places
  • Trade marks goods and services pick list
  • Where the bloody hell is my personality rights?
  • Misleading brands don’t get caught out
  • Restraint of trade clauses in employment contracts
  • Spring boarding in the pharmaceuticals market
  • An update to the proposed experimental use exemption to copyright infringement
  • Business method patents in Australia
  • Review of the spare parts provision in the Designs Act
  • Challenges to the protection of indigenous cultural and intellectual property rights in the music industry
  • IP Enforcement in China – what are the realistic options?
  • The Australian Innovation patent
  • Cadbury cases continue...
  • Amendments to the Trade Marks Act 1995
  • The Google Library Project – implications of digitalisation
  • Wake up and smell the copyright – copyright protection of perfumes and fragrances
  • The new private use exceptions to copyright
  • Geographical indications – the saga continues
  • Spot the fake
  • Balancing intellectual property and competition policy
  • Name calling – a review of the business names, domain names and company names systems
  • How trade marks protect National Icons from going Ugh-ly – protecting iconic brand names and preventing icons from becoming brands
  • Royalty stacking tips for lawyers
  • Application under section92 for removal of a trade mark registration: the issue of removal of the applicant’s standing
  • Power to prevent authorisation of copyright infringement recent cases
  • ACCC ends the party for Schoolies
  • Moral rights in the Australian Building industry
  • The reality of format rights
  • Use of film title by Disney not a trade mark use
  • Blurring the boundary between the private and the public - celebrities and the law of confidence
  • Is an innovative step so easy that fool could do it?
  • A rose by another name would still have thorns
  • Brand success and the Australian fresh fruit and vegetable industry: oranges and apples? A guide for intellectual property law practitioners
  • Fet – or white cheese soaked in brine?
  • Patent sceptics and flu fear
  • How cross should a cross search list be?
  • Who owns intellectual property created by a company director?
  • Problems with assigning a trade mark licence agreement
  • Daring to exploit jointly owned copyright
  • Mind the gap: parody and moral rights
  • Copyright reform for visual artists

About the Internet Law Bulletin

The internet continues to throw out challenges to law makers that cannot be ignored. Laws and regulations must be constantly reviewed and updated to cope with the rapid change in the online environment — in areas as diverse as copyright, defamation, privacy, trade practices and criminal law.

The Internet Law Bulletin includes articles, case reports and updates on new and proposed legislation. Both Australian and international developments are addressed.

Topics covered include:

  • copyright of literary, artistic, dramatic and musical works made available on the internet;
  • government reports and inquiries relating to the internet;
  • internet fraud;
  • regulations governing online advertising and marketing;
  • privacy and security;
  • internet taxation;
  • electronic signatures and contracts made online;
  • jurisdiction and e-litigation; and
  • Security and confidentiality issues.

Available in hard copy or PDF format, the Internet Law Bulletin is a must-have reference for all legal practitioners and consultants involved in internet law.

To subscribe to the Internet Law Bulletin, simply call Customer Relations on:
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Examples of topics recently covered by the Internet Law Bulletin include:

  • Regulation of internet and convergent device content
  • illegal file sharer fined $US220,000
  • Casenote - Nine Network Australia Pty Ltd v IceTV: consequences for copyright and digital
  • Government launches NetAlert internet filtering scheme
  • Look who’s stalking: cyberstalking, online vilification and child grooming offences in Australian legislation
  • What’s in a name? Bad faith in domain name disputes
  • What is the position of copyright in contracted works? An example from the software industry
  • ACMA cracks down on spam
  • Healthy reminders on electronic messaging
  • Could the DotAsia domain registration model spell the end of cybersquatting?
  • Open source software takes a big step forward
  • The future impact of the internet on electronic discovery
  • Succeeding in e-negotiations - Benedict Sheehy and Norbert Palanovics
  • Employee privacy - the forgotten issue
  • Geo-location technologies, internet gambling and the law
  • ICANN’s plans to expand the generic name space
  • ICANN publishes Internationalised Domain Names glossary - Duncan Giles
  • ACCC alleges breach of Trade Practices Act by website registrant
  • .au domain name policy under review
  • How safe is that harbour? US Viacom-Youtube litigation and the Australian Cooper v Universal Studios decision consider safe harbour defences
  • Internet discussion forums: eternal vigilance the price of freedom?
  • Incorporation of terms into online agreements
  • Book review - Vise, DA, The Google Story: Inside the Hottest Business, Media and Technology of Out Time
  • Can copyright law be used to protect the ‘look and feel’ of a website? ]
  • The Copyright Amendment Act 2006 (Cth)
  • Bad news for Google News
  • Suing ‘tacan500’
  • Welcome to the podosphere: podcasting and music licensing in Australia
  • Navigating murky waters: recent case law highlighting jurisdiction and the internet
  • B-party intercepts and the Telecommunications (Interception) Amendment Act 2006 (Cth)
  • Clarity on the high price to pay for spammers: Australian Communications and Media Authority v Clarity1
  • Cooper tames the internet ‘wild west’ Alternatives to the auDRP: cost effective means of quashing cybersquatters
  • The legal challenges facing online dispute resolution: an overview Managing electronic files in the discovery process
  • Software and business method patents in Australia, the US and Europe
  • Casenote - Meskenas v ACP Publishing Pty Ltd
  • Blogger beware: IP and defamation implications of the popular online communications tool
  • Liability of ISPs for defamation in Australia: are things getting easier?
  • Internet jurisdiction in the People’s Republic of China
  • Regulation of online banking Part 2: the application of APRA standards to online banking
  • An EU domain name dispute with ‘the lot’ - Arbitration Center for EU Disputes Case No 01959
  • Publishing online: considering the moral rights implications
  • Digital copyright law in a YouTube world
  • ‘Anticipated litigation’ and web pages: what are lawyers’ obligations?
  • Regulation of online banking Part 1: the impact of APRA outsourcing and business continuity management standards
  • Developments in the war against spam: ACMA develops a ‘one click’ button - Adam Santa Maria and Karin Clark
  • Virtual contracts: the implications of e-conveyancing for law firms - Angus Kidman
  • File sharing in the brave new world: peer-to-peer after Kazaa begins filtering its files
  • Google and Apple Computer take action to protect their ‘Google’ and ‘iPod’ trade marks against trade mark dilution
  • Casenote - Melway Publishing Pty Ltd v Fopoco Pty Ltd T/As Melways Advertising WIPO Case No DAU2006-0005
  • Cooper v Universal Music: appeal before the Full Federal Court
  • New .mobi top level global internet domain for mobile devices

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