Sharon Givoni Consulting

Who are we?

Sharon Consulting is a boutique law firm that deals with intellectual property and commercial law matters for businesses of all sizes. We have offices in Melbourne and the Gold Coast and we regularly assist overseas clients.

Our philosophy is simple: we turn your ideas into assets.

Our principal, Sharon Givoni, is highly experienced and reputable in the field of intellectual property and commercial law, so you know you can rely on our advice.

The Sharon Givoni Consulting Difference

Strategic Advice in a timely manner

Got an idea for a business? We will tailor our legal advice to your business goals and objectives. And we respond promptly to your questions because we understand that your time is valuable.

Depth of industry knowledge

Our clients come from a range of industries such as IT, food and beverage, cosmetics, branding and marketing, and retail. Whatever your business, we have the experience to tailor our advice to meet your needs.

Experience in overseas markets

Thinking of branching into a new market? We can advise you on how to obtain intellectual property protection in the countries that suit you best.

Affordable services and transparent billing system

Our legal fees are competitive and we provide itemised bills upon request. We only charge for legal services, and never administrative services like telephone calls, faxes and photocopies.

Proactive not reactive

Not sure how to protect your intellectual property? Speak to us, and we will tell you how to protect yourself from infringement before it happens.


Forget legal jargon. We believe legal advice should be in plain English, clear and concise.


What do our clients say?